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Mathworks Matlab R2015a (64-bit) –

MATLAB is an interactive medium high-level language used by millions of engineers and scientists around the world. It allows you to explore and visualize ideas and cooperation in a variety of disciplines, including signal and image processing,communications, computer systems and financial management.

Put your ideas into practice

You can use the use of MATLAB simulation of energy in such projects as the construction of power grids to smart, develop control algorithms formotor srodkavhypersonig,analyzing weather data to visualize the path and intensity of hurricanes and run millions of simulations to determine the optimum dosage of antibiotics.

New features released

R2015a (Version) – Released March 5, 2015

Many new features are included in MATLAB R2015a develop opportunitiesintroduced in R2014b, including big data enhancements, support for new hardware, and integrated documentation for the boxes of conventional tools. Explore the possibilities below for bolshinfarmatsyya.

Newfeatures, Bug supplements, CydwedduYstyriaethau

desktop computers

records:Integration documentation for gearboxes to normal MATLAB Help Browser

Documentation: Decide which feature introduced

Array Size Limit: Limit the maximum size, in order to prevent the creation of very large matrices inadvertently

autocompletion: Fill properties of the class, and definition filesclass methods for editing

User Interface Options: Manage User Interface Language

programming language

Employee iteration: Repeated copiesof the elements set out in greater creuamrywiaeth

Sorting Function: Now supports a format string in cell shapeinputs

Isenum Function: In order to determine whether the calculated change

milisegonds Function: Convert a number of milisegonds

Marketing Publisher: Content includes external files

Full-file: Hold each double dot symbol

Python objects: Index Help

versionPython: Support for MATLAB

MATLAB Engine for Python: Support for start-up options

Motor for MATLABPython: Unicode Support in Python

Linesin CymeriadArrays Java conversion: Keep the target goal

Web service WSDL documents: Limitations

Testing Frameworks Units: Tests to categorize and tag selection

Testing Frameworks Units: Runningparallel tests

Testing Framework Unit: share variables between test scenarios

Units Testing Framework: Use pre-built test equipment

Testing Frameworks Units: Comparing objects using isequaln

Testing Frameworks Units: VykarystanneChakanyyacases of homogeneous Restricted Throwing

Source Control Integration Kit: Viewbranchmanylion and remote offices

The matrix C: New Features

Feature has been removed or altered


describes the function: a group of numeric data in bins or categories

Descriptive statistics: Exemption valuesNaN in basic statistical calculations, including not more than, min, average, median, sum, Var, std and COV

ismembertol and uniquetol Functions: Perform static paravnannyavz using tolerance

Random numbers: Generate random numbers using double-precision, Twitter SIMD-orientedFast Mersennealgorithm (dSFMT)

The next function Cydborth: Determine the point nearest border alphaShape

Feature has been removed or altered

Import and export data

DataStore: Read a complete file with the “File” option for the property ReadSize

DataStore: Read melting pieces of data in parallel with the partition functionparallel computations using Toolbox

webwriteFunktsyya: Data transfer to the RESTful web services by using the HTTP POST

Websites and Web functions: Request a Web Services data RESTful HTTP POST methodusing

xlsreada read functions: Excel Read more software files electronictabulation

Text function and read function: return consistent results when reading lines in quotes

books Scientific Library Format: Update

Feature has been removed or altered


Aviation feature: Increased productivity in the animation loop with a new option

function deletedor altered


MapReduce: Starting display algorithms on any computer that supports the cluster using the collateral pools MATLABGweinyddwr ComputerDistribution

Sandwich functions make it faster multithreading calculations

hardware support

IP-cameras: Get the camcorderdirectly to an Internet Protocol

Equipment BeagleBone Black: Black BeagleBone Service hardware MATLAB dostupuPadtrymka for hardware small BeagleBone

Arduino hardware: Arduino Leonardo and access to another card with MATLAB for Arduino Toolkit Hardware

Arduino equipment: newconfigurePin function

Feature has been removed or altered

Mathworks Matlab R2015a

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