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Cody (formerly known as XBMC), open source is a good free media center, and «High Definition Hub» is called a medium of all types.

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Because it’s open source, some Cody Plex makes Some users have changed, even if the original basis for Cody Plex creation. Which one you choose depends on what you want in a multimedia center, but the Cody contractor is good, easy to use, adbelvannei supportsociety wide duenErabiltzaile enthusiasm.

Codycocok to play movies and music directly to hear. Everything is presented very well and clearly inspired by Kodi Apple TV look and feel the same. Cody works very well as a standard media player, even if it’s better to use your home kit needs. remote control and Cody supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts, and feel like a real entertainment center.

At Kodiak, the interface is very friendly, verydifferent from the skin. It uses the default configuration, so this setting will welcome you, but one of the many other things you can change. Some of them will be very clear.

Easy to install and import your Media collection or inkjet

There are simple instructions for setting up an autonomous Cody player or network to play videos. DezakezuEtxean rotates your media anywhere directly from the Internet, using almost any protocol. For example, Cody can play CD-DVDsand-disc directly from the disk image or file, the most popular hard disk video formats, ZIP and RAR-files in the archive.

Cody looks at all of your media libraries and automatically creates a private hat in a box, with description and Fanart. Finally, there are playlists and function slideshows, weather forecasts and a large number of audio visions. Oroharnabigazioa may be difficult, especially when using Apple TV, but once you are used to.

Dakoda mainstream media is very good, this is a media centerfantastic, even if you do not adjust the difficulty, Plex might be a better alternative.


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