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Ice Cream Ebook Reader Pro Multilingual

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Manage your FB2, EPUB, PDF, MOBI and other digital format libraries.

Reading progress

Check how many pages you read and from where you left.

Search book

Find the book you are looking for, by author or by title.

What makes Icecream the only ebook reader?

Fullscreen mode

Make your most potentials in full epuban pack.


Use bookmark for yourto see the most memorable part of the book again.


Read without light or clear.

Book mode

The whole screen becomes a real book to the utmost comfort.

Main features:

Your library Prepare personal library in popular formats: FB2, EPUB, etc.

Read progress You know how much you have left at the end of each book. Continue where it was from reading from place.

Find a book The book you need to search for the correct title or author’s title.

Copy, search, searchSelect the book’s text tutorial on the clipboard, translation or Google search.

Annotations. Highlight text and add notes to our readers in fields.

Improved browsing. Use the scrollbar to quickly and easily navigate to the desired page.

Full screen See most of our readers’ faculties.

Favorites Use bookmarks to return to later-read moments.

Night mode Good reading unless clear or clear.

Book mode. Bring your computera book that is a readable book readable.


Ice Cream EulerCreative Pro Multilingual

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