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Call of Duty is turning its roots through Call of Duty: WWII – an exciting experience rethinking the Second World War for a new generation of games. The land in Normandy in D-Day and the struggle in Europe through iconic places in the most monumentalhistorical warfare. The experience of the classic battle “Call of Duty”, the connections of society and the merciless nature of the war against the global power in the world,launched into tyranny.

Call of Duty: World War II Creates the ultimate adventure of the second generation in three different game modes: campaign,multiplayer program and collaboration. This campaign plays players in a European theater, featuring stunning visual effects as they take part in a completely new Call of Duty history, part of the iconic battles of the Second World War. The multiplayer game meansreturn to Call of Duty’s initial game. Authentic weapons and the traditional game-and-gun immerses you inmany places associated with the Second World War. The co-op launches a new and original story in an independent game, full of unexpected moments of adrenaline

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