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Java 8 install them

Adobe Air installs them

The Balsamiq 3 test models install them

1 requires information

2 parts for the zone (desktop)

3 abra or cmd digite: cd on the desktop

4 java pot

5 is characterized by professional qualifications and achievements

6 copies at the addresscdigo coloque em start

7 abra balsamiq mockups clique em – help – register

8 License Name: coloque nome que digitou em License Key: coloque or cdigo gerado

Register 9 clicks to them.

Suspended facto

————————————————– ——————-


How to register


Java 8 is installed

Install Adobe Air

Install the coinsBalsamiq 3 for

1 after installing the need

Duplicate Desktop 2 Desktop

3 open cmd: desktop CD

4 java pot

5. Enter the name and code to be created

6 copy the name and place code somewhere

Open 7 balloons layouts – click – help – sign up

Namelicenses: Insert the name you enter into the license key: place the generated code

9 and click to register.

It’s done

Balsamiq Mockups 3

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