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Pressure Washing & Softwashing services for Morgantown, Clarksburg, Fairmont, Bridgeport, WV & the surrounding areas.  We specialize in Residential & Commercial high & low pressure cleanings.

Hiring a real professional to safely and properly clean your home or your business is very important. When hiring a “handyman” or someone who doesn’t do this Full Time with training and equipment, your home or business can be damaged!

Our team here at Superior Kleen  are very respectful, polite, knowledgeable, on time and treat each and every cleaning as if it was their own. Our trained and highly skilled technicians are always there for any questions on site you may have before performing the work.

If our technicians see any issues before the project starts, they will inform you for further actions if needed for instances such as Oxidation Issues on siding or gutters, Chipped Paint, Damage or anything else that may not bring out the best cleaning of your home or property.

When calling on us here at Superior Kleen Pressure Washing, we’re always here to answer your call and if by a rare instance we cannot take the call, we will be in touch within the hour!  If you’re looking for a quick online quote, fill our form out below!

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Roof Cleaning

Safe low pressure with instant results. Remove those black streaks!  Clean it, don’t replace it! 

house washing lumberport wv

House Washing

Algae taking over home? We can help you with our safe low pressure cleaning that lasts FOREVER!

Commercial Cleaning

Whether it’s your home or business, we can handle all of your PRESSURE WASHING needs!


“After calling several other pressure washing companies first, David with Superior Kleen answered and was able to schedule me in right away. The job he did went above and beyond my expectations, I highly recommend using them!”

James S.

“Thank you for cleaning up our home. Our Roof, Driveway, House and Pool Deck look AMAZING!”

Sam L.

“My husband and I over the years have used a few pressure washing companies or so we thought. After Superior Kleen came out to restore our dirty streaked roof, we will not be calling anyone else again!”

Jessica M.

“Superior Kleen did an excellent job cleaning our shingle roof. We couldn’t believe the instant results!”

Lori G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between Pressure washing & Softwashing?

That's a great question!  Pressure washing is using a high pressured system. When cleaning your homes exterior, we do not recommend using high pressure as this can cause damages to the exterior and also cause leaks from blown door and window seals. We only use high pressure on surfaces such as brick, concrete, equipment and other durable surfaces.

Softwashing on the other hand is using a safe low pressure cleaning process. This is more chemical driven than pressure driven. This process is more effective on washing siding, wood, roofs and other delicate surfaces. We use this service on majority of our cleanings as it's fast and very effective. Our cleanings last years, not months!

What areas do you service?

Superior Kleen Pressure Washing offers services mostly in the MorgantownClarksburgFairmont and Bridgeport areas. However we service up to 35 miles for residential and up to 100 miles for commercial.

Can you clean my roof that has black streaks on it?

Yes, we can safely and instantly clean your dirty black streaked roof. The black streaks are an algae that is growing on your roof. This over time can damage your roof and cause premature replacement. Our roof cleaning service provides a method that cleans your roof instantly! Your dirty black streaked roof will look new before we leave the driveway!

There is no water on site, can you still clean?

Yes, we have capabilities to bring our own water to the job site upon request if needed.

Does anyone have to be there while you clean?

We make the entire estimate to finish process very easy for our customers. As long as there is water access, doors unlocked to gain access to backyard or porch areas, etc.  We do require either payment left or invoice paid if no one will be there to pay in person.

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